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- Steve McAuliffe


Steve McAuliffe

Nicholas Farraway is dead.

It had taken him a while to come to terms with this basic and yet jarring fact, but finally, in time he had learnt to accept it.

As far as Farraway is concerned, his first year and a bit of death has been a distinct disappointment; as is Heaven itself. He has so many questions: such as why are angels so arrogant; Why are there no children; and why does he work in surveillance if G-d is supposedly all-seeing?

Then one day, he sees something so shocking it shatters all his previous perceptions and leads him on an inevitable path towards ...

The cover for Farraway is from an illustration by Jason Pearce

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About The Author

Steve McAuliffe is novelist, playwright and poet, as well as being a lyricist and vocalist for the Mighty Ur.

To date he has had 2 books published: 'The Letters of Harry Tartt', and the book that you are now holding in your hand.

Steve has had three plays performed; the latest was entitled 'Heaven and Hell', and concerned 3 angels forced to sit out the apocalypse in a South London pub.

His 2017 collection of poetry, 'Thamesmead' has been described as "thought-provoking, humorous and uplifting".

Steve also possesses a Master's Degree in Screenwriting and has recently set up a writing-workshop in South Somerset. He is currently working on a book entitled 'Blake's Wake', which he rather pretentiously describes as "not exactly a sequel to Farraway, but more accurately an equal to Farraway". In fairness to him though, he was very drunk when he said it.