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How To Write Alternate History
- Grey Wolf

How to Write Alternate History by Grey Wolf

How To Write Alternate History

Grey Wolf

How To Write Alternate History consists of a series of articles by Grey Wolf, exploring many different aspects of alternate history, whether it is narrative stories, or timelines that one is constructing.

Grey Wolf looks deep into plausibility, butterflies and the near-likely from the almost-reality. With twenty years of writing Alt-Hist, Grey Wolf brings an author's vision to the question of believability and logic.

Issues raised include patterns of settlement, whether one should use historical characters, how royal dynasties evolve, alternate naming conventions, and how to use "A Day In The Life" as a mental device to explore a world that you are creating.

The cover for How to Write Alternate History was commissioned from London-based artist Derek Roberts. It was actually intended to be used for a book entitled "Tsar Michael the Great" but that was deemed not ready for publication. However, the elements in the montage - the emperor in front of a burning Kremlin, the propeller based aircraft and jet aircraft, and the tank and battleship seemed to be a good summary of much of alternate history. Therefore, it was chosen to be used for the relaunch of an expanded version of How to Write Alternate History.

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